-  Is clutter costing you time and money?
-  Are you overwhelmed...not sure of where to even begin?
-  Is it time to downsize...but clutter is preventing you from moving?

  1. Organize your Stuff
    Organize your Stuff
  2. Tidy the Office
    Tidy the Office
  3. 2
    Declutter the Living Room
Clutter in your space can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. 

Whether it is an office, home, a specific room, closets, the garage or even preparing for a move or home sale... Kitti will help you bring control into your space.

As a highly skilled professional, we will ensure you tackle the clutter so that you save time, money, and​ move ahead with your life plans.   
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kitti mckay declutter control in halifax ns
Decluttering homes, offices and more in the Halifax-Dartmouth area since 2012
Kitti McKay has a passion for helping her clients get control of their clutter!   

If your space has gotten out of control, disorganized and you need help, contact Kitti today for a free consult to discover how effectively and efficiently you can get control of your chaos and get on with your plans.
* Decluttering and Organizing Solutions for your home, garage, make everyday life flow more smoothly.

* Pre-listing assistance to reduce and organize household inventory, to make your move less cumbersome and speed up the sale.

* Seniors' Transitions and moves. Downsizing to make the move to a new home. 
Services Offered
General Oganization and Decluttering as well as Real Estate Pre-Listing Services so you can sell your home faster!
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Clutter Solutions by Kitti is registered as the business name, Kitti Kleen" and has been a memeber of the Better Business Bureau since 2015.
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